1.    What is

Veadhi is your perfect event partner to search and book event venues, caterers, photographers and event managers online. An ultimate choice for any celebrations!!! This is a real Vedhi for both Visitors and Event Business Group like Venues, Caterers, Photographers and Event Planners.

For Visitors: A one stop solution for all your event needs absolutely free of cost. Just search your preference and book the service providers free. Get notified via email and SMS once your booking is confirmed.

For Event Partners: A complete platform to build your business/profile and exhibit your business online without spending a penny. Attractive packages are available for advanced business groups based on your budget.

2.    How does Veadhi benefits you?

For Visitors: Vedhi has taken the efforts of creating an extensive solution to help you find your ideal event partner across Kerala. Let it be an event planner/a convention center for wedding or a banquet hall/ caterer for a reception or birthday celebration. The platform is built in a user-friendly manner which gives a solid room to navigate easily throughout the profiles and book your preferred event partner without roaming here and there.

For Event Partners: Veadhi has derived a complete solution to move your business online. The unique web-link feature helps you showcase your business like a website without spending extra to develop a website. Vedhi also offers you a powerful booking system to execute every booking that you receive. Either received via Vedhi or through an offline inquiry at your physical address; this unique system help you take the bookings with ease. 

3.    Do I need to register in

For Visitors: No! Just use the search pool to navigate to your choice. To view profiles of Venues, Caterers and Event Planners you don’t need to own an account.  Once you decide to proceed further in booking a business, just follow the simple registration process and complete your booking.

For Event Partners: Yes! As you own an event business and thinking of getting potential customers through us; just join in four simple steps. You get a control panel with dashboard which summaries your daily bookings and confirmations. You are also given complete privilege in managing your business/profiles.

4.    Can I use without registering?

Yes, you can use as a guest to search and view our event partner business/profiles that fulfills your requirement.

5.    Why should I give my email id and contact details when I am registering in

The email id and mobile number that you provide during the registration is the only option in which you get notified while a booking is executed. You will be intimated instantly via email and SMS about the bookings. 

6.    How can I register if I don’t have an email address?
If you don’t have an email address,

For Visitors: You can get the contact details from the preferred business/profile and speak with them directly. Intimate them you received the details from Veadhi, the event partner will help you book the service offline via our booking system.

 For Event Partners: You could send the business details, content and images along with contact details to or contact us at 0471-2596797. Our customer support will assist you to register an account and build a business/profile.

7.    Can I use same account to book and list a business?

Yes, Vedhi offers you a unique way of creating an account. Once you register to book a service, you don’t need to register again. You are given the privilege to list your business if you own one. Once you successfully create an account for your business; you get a dashboard where you can add business/profile pages and manage them.

8.    What are the steps involved in listing my business in

Step 1: Signup for an Account
Step 2: Choose a Package
Step 3: Create your Business Listing

Please refer the below link for more details.

9.    How many business/profile listing can I create with one account?
You could build up to 10 business/profiles under one account as per the packages that you choose during registration. Each business/profile will be displayed separately in Veadhi.

10.    How do I create Business/Profile while registering?

After you signup, click the List Your Business button on the top right of your account. Update your profile with the preferred images and contents as required. You can upload up to 5 images per business/profile depending on the packages that you chose during registration.

11. What are Events?

For Visitors: Veadhi Events are celebrations or Events happening near you. You can simply search for events listed in and book and pay online to confirm your seats skipping long queues. You will get the notification via SMS/Email which you can show at the event location to collect your tickets.

For Event Partners: Veadhi gives you everything you need to host your best event. From no. of pax to the amount you wish to fix per seat. 

12.    What happens if there are improper contents or images that I update?

Every business/profiles are moderated before publishing. If by any chance a partial or complete business/profile is found improper with contents or images, the moderator is given the complete authorization to take out the entries either partially or completely without further notification. Intimation will be sent to your registered email address stating the reason why the profile was edited or rejected. Veadhi reserves the sole rights in retaining the website with valuable and fruitful data.

13.    Is there a FREE Business/Profile listing available in

Yes, there is a free business/profile listing available under the plan named Standard, which is absolutely free. The users could signup and choose the standard package and proceed with creating a business/profile.

14.    Which are all the services in Veadhi that are paid?

There are two types of paid services in Veadhi. By upgrading to higher plans, you could enhance the visibility of your business/profile listing and get more potential customers.

Executive: This paid plan offers search highlight of the business, SMS/Email notification of booking and add up to 5 business/profile listing for an account.

Premium: This is most privileged plan that offers home Page featured listing, SMS/Email notification of booking, search highlight of the business, add up to 10 business/profile listing for an account and lot more.

Please refer the below link for more details.

15.    What are the package rates for

Please refer the below link for more details.

16.    How can I make the payment in

Making payment in Vedhi is simple and easy. We have 2 modes of payments. Online Pay and Offline Pay.

Online Pay:

Initiate your payment online. You will be redirected to a payment gateway. Make your payment using your credit card. Once the payment is processed, you will be directed back to Veadhi where you can proceed with the profile building.

Offline Pay:

Initiate your payment by clicking the offline option and follow any of the below mode of payments.

Cash payment at our Xenfy’s Corporate Office at Kulathoor, Trivandrum

DD payment in favor of Xenfy Infolabs (P) Ltd (addressed to, Xenfy Infolabs (P) Ltd, Arasummood, Kulathoor, Trivandrum 695583)

NEFT Transfer.

17.    What is Ad Shell?

Ad Shells are sponsored advertising arenas that have high visibility option for the sponsor. The advertisement will be given in a shell of specific size in search pages and other important pages of Vedhi.

To advertise in our Ad Shell, please send your enquiry to or call us at 0471-2596797

18.    How can I renew the package?

Renewals happen on a yearly basis or as per your customised package subscription. As soon as the renewal cycle approaches, you will be notified by email about the renewals. To renew the subscription, you just need to follow the instructions in the email received or log on to your account and click the renew button and follow the process as you did during your initial payment.

19.    What is Enquiry?

Enquiries are also termed as booking requests that a visitor make through Vedhi’s booking system.

20.    How the booking system work once a business/service request is made?

For Visitors: Veadhi allows 24 hours from the time of booking to make the token advance or payment at our event partner’s physical address. Once the payment is confirmed, they approve the booking in Veadhi. You will get an SMS/Email notification confirming the booking. This also gives you a chance to meet the business/service directly before making a payment.

For Event Partners: Once a booking is made by a visitor, you will get a notification via SMS/Email regarding the booking. Veadhi allows 24 hours from the time of booking to receive the token advance or payment at your physical address. If you don’t get any response from the customer in the given time frame, the temporary booking automatically gets cancelled.

21.    How can I contact Veadhi Team for complaints/suggestions/clarifications?

We are always available to assist you best. Feel free to contact Vedhi through email at or call us at 0471-4016797 / 0471-2596797 or write to us at, C/O. Xenfy Infolabs (P) Ltd, Arasummood, Kulathoor, Trivandrum. 695583. Our support team will be available for your help from 9am-6pm (IST) from Monday to Saturday.